Pride of Plaice – Mail Order Dolls’ House Miniatures

Pride of Plaice Online will offer a new way to purchase quality food items including fish, fruit and vegetables, meat , poultry and cakes; as well  as  garden tools to accessorize dollshouses and shops as well as use in other art and craft projects.

Miniatures  customers are increasingly used to shopping on line and often decide to buy something seen at the fairs at a later date. The website will hopefully provide an opportunity for new customers to discover Pride of Plaice whilst browsing on line.

The online shop is now open with a safe and secure way to browse and pay via a Paypal account which has been set up specifically for the online shop.

The online shop is being built up to include all our  products and pictures in our online product catalogue.

Browse our display of stock items by clicking on video link beneath each heading.